District LANDSCAPING and Snow maps

Snow Removal:

The District is responsible for plowing the snow off of all sidewalks located on District-owned open spaces.  The District's landscaper performs the snow-plow services for the District.

The Board's policy is for snow to be removed from the sidewalks when the snow accumulation from any snow storm is greater than 3 inches.

Snow removal services will occur no earlier than 24 hours after the end of a snow storm.

The City (not the District) is responsible for plowing the snow off of Peoria Parkway, Paris Street and 105th Avenue. (The City owns and maintains these streets.) The District is responsible for plowing snow off of the parking lots and streets feeding into such parking lots.

  Light Blue = Streets and parking lots maintained by the District
Dark Blue = Sidewalks maintained by the District

Open Space Landscaping:

The District owns and maintains approximately 3.8 acres of open space land situated throughout the Aberdeen subdivision.

The District is also responsible for maintaining the storm water detention area (which collect the storm water runoff from the streets and parking lots) located at the south end of the Bonnyview condos.