Bonnyview at aberdeen clubhouse

Fast Facts:

Construction Date: June 2006

Seating Capacity: 35

Electric Outlets: Two electric outlets

Amenities: Refrigerator, sink, table, drinking fountains and separate men's and women's bathrooms

clubhouse and pool Rules

  1. Be respectful of others
  2. NO SMOKING in the clubhouse OR pool area
  3. NO PETS allowed in the clubhouse or pool area
  4. NO FOOD or DRINK allowed in the pool
  5. Individuals under the age of 16 SHALL NOT be left attended by adults in and around the clubhouse or pool area
  6. NO FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS or other hazardous materials are permitted in the clubhouse or around the pool area
  7. Beer kegs or other similar dispensers are NOT ALLOWED inside the clubhouse or around the pool area
  8. Noise and/or music levels MUST BE maintained at levels NOT TO DISTURB property residents
  9. GRILLS of ANY KIND are PROHIBITED in or around the clubhouse or pool area
  10. The applicant is responsible for CLEANING UP and LOCKING UP the clubhouse and pool area before leaving
  11. During an exclusive reservation period, applicant(s) may ask others to leave the clubhouse and pool area
  12. The District IS NOT responsible for articles lost or stolen during the reservation time

Each violation of the Clubhouse and Pool Rules by any event attendees may result in the District issuing a fine of up to $250 on the property associated with the Applicant (or against the Reservation Deposit for non-District Applicants).

PARKING: All individuals using the clubhouse and pool area shall park their vehicles in the parking lot on the north side of the clubhouse. The parking lot accommodates 15 vehicles. No vehicles may be parked on Peoria Street or on the west side of the clubhouse (designated as a fire lane). Vehicles improperly parked within the District may be towed or booted by the District at any time.

Schedule a Reservation

To reserve the clubhouse for a private event, please complete the following:

1. Complete the clubhouse reservation request form (To download the form, click  HERE.)

2. Submit the completed request form (by mail or email) to the District Manager.

3. Mail the Reservation Fee and (if applicable) Reservation Deposit to the District.
         -Please make a check payable to:
               Aberdeen Metro District #2
         -Mailing Address
               Aberdeen Metro District #2
                PO Box 8
               Henderson, CO 80640

4. All reservation applications are reviewed in the order such applications are received by the District

After completing the above steps, the District Manager will let you know whether your reservation request has been approved.  Once your request is approved, it will be added to the reservation schedule below. 

Current Approved clubhouse Reservation Schedule 

Date Time Reserved For:
December 10, 2022 (Sat) 02:00pm to 05:00pm  Wilkman Family (10581 Paris St #1005)

Andria Gutierrez
Andria Gutierrez
Andria Gutierrez
Andria Gutierrez
Andria Gutierrez