General Info About PARKWAY RESIDENCES hoa


The Parkway Residences Condominium Association, Inc. (the Parkway HOA), a nonprofit corporation, was incorporated in June 2021.  The Parkway HOA was formed for the purpose of (1) providing for the maintenance, preservation, and architectural control within the Common Interest Community, (2) promoting the health, safety, welfare and other interest of the residents and (3) exercising all of the powers and duties of the Association as set forth in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Parkway Residences Condominiums (the Declaration), executed on April 20, 2021. (Go to the document library on this site to download a copy of the Declaration document.)

The Parkway HOA serves 34 condo units within the District comprised of the following buildings:

  • Building 5 (10517 Paris St)
  • Building 8 (10549 Paris St)
  • Building 9 (10565 Paris St)
  • Building 10 (10581 Paris St)
  • Building 11 (10597 Paris St)

Since July 01, 2021, dues payable to the Parkway HOA has been assessed on homeowners at the rate of $114/month. Dues paid to the Parkway HOA are used to fund the following costs and responsibilities of Parkway HOA: (1) carrying property and liability insurance on the condo building structures and (2) building cash reserves for the purpose of funding occasional major repairs and maintenance projects on the condo buildings.

Parkway HOA is managed by Diversified Association Management. The Parkway HOA website can be accessed through the Management's website by clicking HERE.