The District's boundaries encompass approximately 289 acres of land. As of January 2019, the breakdown of land use within the District is as follows:

(1) 11 acres (or 4%) is developed or in the process of being developed,
(2) 242 acres (or 84%) is zoned for agricultural use,
(3) 15 acres (or 5%) is owned by Commerce City, and
(4) 21 acres (or 7%) is platted for residential development. 

2019 Planned Development

In 2019, PT Aberdeen, LLC submitted a planned unit development (PUD) application to Commerce City to construct 40 condo units across 6 buildings. The buildings will be located around the existing 40 condo units. Construction of these units is expected to begin by the end of 2019 and be completed by the end of 2020. The following are excerpts from the PUD application submitted to Commerce City:

Future DEVELOPMENT (Beyond 2020)

PT Aberdeen, LLC owns two additional parcels of land on the west side of Peoria Parkway and has plans to develop this land for residential use. However, development of this land cannot begin until the Army Corps of Engineers' monitoring wells on this land are removed.

The land located on the east side of Peoria Parkway and south of the I-76 freeway is currently zoned as agricultural land and owned by Harlo Enterprises. The District has received no information from this land owner regarding any plans to develop this land.