The District's boundaries encompass approximately 289 acres of land. As of January 2019, the breakdown of land use within the District is as follows:

(1) 11 acres (or 4%) is developed or in the process of being developed,
(2) 242 acres (or 84%) is zoned for agricultural use,
(3) 15 acres (or 5%) is owned by Commerce City, and
(4) 21 acres (or 7%) is platted for residential development. 

Future DEVELOPMENT (Beyond 2022)

PT Aberdeen, LLC owns two parcels of land on the west side of Peoria Parkway and has submitted plans to Commerce City to develop this land for residential use.

The 163 acres of land located on the east side of Peoria Parkway and south of the I-76 freeway was purchased in December 2021 by The Farmers Reservoir and Irrigation Company (FRICO).

The FRICO Property is anticipated to be developed by FRICO and Urban Frontier and is planned for the development of approximately 696 single-family detached residential units, and approximately 1,339 multi-family residential units (for a total of approximately 2,035 residential units). The FRICO Property is planned to be developed as two distinct residential developments: the approximately 696 single-family detached homes planned for the FRICO Property are planned to be developed as the “Triangle Point” subdivision, which is planned to be located immediately north of Bonnyview at Aberdeen. FRICO’s development plans in connection with the planned Triangle Point subdivision consist of platting this property into 696 single-family detached lots and selling the platted lots to one or more residential homebuilders that has the ability to construct single-family detached homes on these lots and sell the completed homes to end users. FRICO’s development plans with respect to the approximately 1,339 multi-family residential units consists of platting this property and building a multi-family condominium complex and both selling a portion of the planned approximately 1,339 multi-family units to end users as well as leasing a portion of such units to future potential tenants.