The following is a brief history of the Aberdeen neighborhood:
November 2003 The Developer creates the Aberdeen Metropolitan District No. 2 which encompasses approximately 289 acres of land.

A TABOR election is held in which the Developer authorized the District to issue up to $15.1 million in debt to finance the construction of various types of public infrastructure.

 March 2005 The Aberdeen Subdivision Filing No 1 development plan submitted by Amber Homes is approved by Commerce City and the related plat map is filed with the Adams County Clerk & Recorder's Office.

September 2005 The Aberdeen Homeowners Association, Inc. is incorporated and assumes responsibility for enforcing the CC&Rs and providing architectural review services to the common interest community created within the Aberdeen Filing No. 1 subdivision. All homeowners become shareholders in/owners of the Association.

December 2005 The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Bonnyview at Aberdeen (i.e. CC&Rs) is filed and the lots within Block 1 Lot 2 of the  Aberdeen Subdivision Filing No 1 subdivision are annexed into and become subject to the CC&Rs.

The District issues bond debt in a private placement totaling $2,090,000 for the purpose of relocating the canal installing water and sewer connections and improving Peoria Road.

The bondholder is Aberdeen District Investments, LLC, which is controlled by the land Developer.

Amber Communities, Inc begins building and selling condos to homeowners. 35 condo units are sold before Amber Communities, Inc. declares bankruptcy in 2008.

December 2013 5 additional condos constructed by Amber Communities, Inc are sold by an investment company.

 May 2018 Four homeowners are elected on the Aberdeen Metropolitan District No. 2 board. The District board changes from Developer-controlled to homeowner-controlled.
 November 2018 District voters approve a ballot issue raising the District's property tax revenue limit to fund operations from $1 million/year to $4.5 million. The purpose of the ballot issue was to allow the District to generate sufficient revenue to provide District services to all residents as development within the District occurs. Currently, less than 5% of the land within the District is developed.
 January 2019 The Aberdeen Homeowners Association, Inc (the HOA) transfers most of its service responsibilities to the Aberdeen Metropolitan District. The HOA's dues drop from $298/month in 2018 to $75/month in 2019.