Public Transportation

The Aberdeen neighborhood is serviced by two RTD bus lines (the 104X and AA routes). The bus stop is at the intersection of 104th Avenue and 85 Highway--about a 20-minute walk from the neighborhood. The 104X bus route into downtown Denver is about a 1 hour ride and the AA bus route to the airport is about a 30 minute ride.

Please click here to check the RTD website for current bus route information and times.

The 104X and AA Routes

As of January 2019, a day pass to use local bus lines cost $6.00 and a day pass to use local and/or express bus lines cost $10.50. Below are a few of the pros and cons noted by residents who use the 104X and AA bus routes:



  • For the AA bus route, the 85 Highway stop is the fourth to last stop before the bus arrives at the airport
  • The AA bus route (east and west bound routes) runs every hour from approximately 2:12am to 10:40pm
  • The 104X (express) bus route between downtown Denver and 85 Highway/104th is about a 35 minute ride
  • The AA bus routs to/from downtown (via the airport) runs 25 times per day and the bus routes run early and late
  • Reading a book is much more relaxing than driving a car through rush-hour traffic!
  • Employers may subsidize the cost of bus fares


  • The 104X (express) bus route only runs three times in the morning (into downtown) and evening (from downtown)
  • Can’t work late! No 104X busses leaving union Station after 5:30pm.
  • The travel time on the AA bus routes to/from downtown takes about 2 hours (i.e. a 4-hour round trip!)
  • The $10 cost for an express day pass is not significantly cheaper than the cost of gas and parking