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The Aberdeen Metropolitan District

The Aberdeen Metropolitan District (the District) is a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State of Colorado. The District was created in 2003 for the purpose of financing the installation of public infrastructure within the District including roads, sidewalks, utilities, storm water drainage systems, recreational facilities and parks and open spaces. The District also provides various services to its residents including the following:

(1) maintenance of parks and open spaces
(2) maintenance of recreational facilities
(3) water supply services to multi-family housing units

The District is primarily funded from property taxes paid to the District from owners of land and residential units located within the District.

The District's boundaries encompass approximately 289 acres of land. As of December 2018, the breakdown of land use within the District is as follows:

(1) 11 acres (or 4%) is developed or in the process of being developed,
(2) 242 acres (or 84%) is zoned for agricultural use,
(3) 15 acres (or 5%) is owned by Commerce City, and
(4) 21 acres (or 7%) is platted for residential development. 

The Bonnyview Neighborhood

The Bonnyview at Aberdeen neighborhood is comprised of 40 condominium units located on the west side of Peoria Street (north of 104th Avenue). These condominium units were constructed by Amber Communities between 2006 and 2008. Homeowners in the Bonnyview neighborhood are members of the Bonnyview HOA, which is responsible for maintaining and insuring the condominium unit structures.

Metro District Board Meeting Schedule
 January 25, 2023 
Special Board Meeting [Agenda]
Online meeting
March 07, 2023
Regular board meeting [Agenda]
May 02, 2023 
Regular board meeting [Agenda]
June 05, 2023
Special board meeting [Agenda]
Online meeting
July 11, 2023 
Regular board meeting [Agenda
Online meeting
August 02, 2023
Special board meeting [Agenda]
Online meeting 
September 05, 2023
Regular board meeting [Agenda]
Online meeting
September 25, 2023
Special board meeting [Agenda]
Online meeting
November 07, 2023
Regular board meeting [Agenda]
(Public hearing on 2024 budget)
All board meetings are open to the public and (unless noted otherwise) will be held in the Bonnyview Clubhouse (10610 Paris St Henderson, CO 80640) at 6:30pm. 
Online meetings are held at: www.gotomeet.me/Wolfersberger. Members of the public may also participate via phone using the dial-in number (571) 317-3112 and access code #937-865-597)

Neighborhood Rules & Restrictions
The Aberdeen neighborhood is a covenant-controlled community. The rules and restrictions are embodied in three documents - the Declaration, the Architectural Guidelines and the Covenant Enforcement Policy.

The Declaration
The Declaration contains the basic covenants and restrictions for Aberdeen. Section 19(i) of the Declaration assigns powers to the HOA Board to establish rules and regulations for the neighborhood. Article 28 of the Declaration establishes various restrictions on the use and maintenance of Units within Aberdeen. Some of these restrictions are explicit and some are not - but the Declaration allows all rules to interpreted and clarified by the HOA Board. Any changes to the Declaration must be approved by a vote of the homeowners.

Click HERE to go to the document library to download a copy of the Declaration document.

Architectural Guidelines
The Architectural Guidelines provides guidelines, standards, rules, regulations and procedures for installing, removing or modifying improvements on and around homeowners' Units. The HOA is responsible for updating and changing the Architectural Guidelines.

Click HERE to go to the webpage where you can download a copy of the Architectural Guidelines.

Covenant Enforcement Policy
To ensure homeowners comply with the rules, restrictions and standards established by the Declaration and the Architectural Guidelines, the HOA Board has established covenant enforcement policies and procedures. These policies and procedures document the HOA Board's written course of action for enforcing the rules, restrictions and standards established in the Declaration and the Architectural Guidelines. The HOA Board may change its enforcement policies and procedures as it deems necessary.

Click HERE to download a copy of the HOA Board's covenant enforcement policies and procedures.




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Trash Service

Commerce City provides weekly trash pick-up service to the neighborhood through its contractor - Republic Services. Any questions or concerns about trash service should be directed to Republic Services at (303) 286-1200.

Additional information about your trash service can be found in the following flyer published by the City:

Trash Service Flyer
Important Dates to Remember
Trash pick-up is provided by Commerce City and occurs weekly on Wednesdays. If a holiday occurs on a Monday of any given week, trash pick-up service is moved back to Thursday.

South Adams County Water & Sanitation District shuts off the irrigation water supply between October 15th and April 15th each year. (All District residents' sprinkler systems are hooked into the irrigation water system.)